Get to know Hallein/Bad Dürrnberg. Get excited about the many facets of the small historic town and experience for yourself the many beautiful sights that make Hallein/Bad Dürrnberg a real insider tip in Austria.

Saline Town, Celtic Town or Silent Night Town are the epithets of the versatile town on the Salzach River – and they all tell a little piece of Hallein’s history. Today, Hallein and Bad Dürrnberg still uphold their historical heritage with the Salt Worlds, the Celtic Museum, the Celtic Village SALINA and the Silent Night Museum – and have added a fair amount of charm. The small squares in the city center, lined with colorful houses and cozy pubs, have an Italian feel. The medieval buildings house cool and exclusive stores. Here, shopping away from mass consumption is really fun!

The city’s cultural offerings are colorful and diverse, with attractive events providing variety throughout the year. Feel it yourself – in Hallein/Bad Dürrnberg joie de vivre is at home.


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Salz-Griesrechen 1920 ©Keltenmuseum Hallein

The history of Hallein, Bad Dürrnberg and the white gold. The history of Hallein, Bad Dürrnberg and the white gold.

Celtic Euro

Everything about the regional currency.

Celtic Euro

Everything about the regional currency.


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