Hallein has already made a name for itself as a city of culture and pleasure. But did you know that there is also excellent shopping here? Whether fashion must-haves, toys, jewelry or bicycles, whether flowers, books, electrical or office supplies – you can get all that and much more that makes a small shopping Eldorado such a thing in Hallein.

Door to door you will find a colorful potpourri of (homemade) things that you would love to have, as well as everyday necessities. What crowns the shopping experience is the enchanting ambience of the historic buildings and vaults as well as the service concept that can be felt everywhere.

The mostly owner-managed shops give you time. Time for individual advice and reveal a relaxed shopping experience. The friendliness with which one is received in the shops is also pleasantly noticeable. Experience for yourself that shopping in the most beautiful open-air market is a real pleasure. Hallein has more than earned the title of “charming shopping town”.