Festival Perner Island

An island for high culture

The Pernerinsel is not only the only built-up island on the Salzach, but also a festival stage that captivates visitors from all over the world with its very special ambience. It was a sensation when selected productions of the Salzburg Festival were performed on the Halleiner Island for the first time in 1992.

In the meantime, the former Solereinigungshalle has established itself as a fixed institution within the Salzburg Festival. Thanks to its industrial charm, it is highly sought-after by artists and audiences alike. In 2021, two new productions will take place on the Pernerinsel: The play “Richard the kid & the king” after William Shakespeare with texts by Tom Lanoye. It will be directed by Karin Henkel, who already had a huge success on Pernerinsel in 2017 with “Rose Bernd”. The second new production is “Mary Stuart” by Friedrich Schiller, staged by Martin Kušej.