Pillars of silence

On Perner Island

Debasish Bera was first invited to Hallein in 2015 by Galerie Schloss Wiespach to participate in the Artist and Residency Program. In 2015 he created the works “Pillars of silence”. Pillars of silence is an attempt to delve into the multiverse of human emotions, human understanding, and human actions and reactions. Nurturing life and understanding is the best for preserving peace. The Pillars of Silence are displayed on the Perner Island – at the back of the Old Salt Works.

Debasish Bera was born in India in 1988 to a family of sculptors. He learned woodworking techniques and clay modeling from his father since early childhood. In 2011, he attended the Governorate Collage for Arts and Crafts in Kolkata to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. He later moved to Baroda and completed a master’s degree in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts here. He is a well-traveled artist who has visited residencies and art camps around the world. Debasish creates incredibly impressive figurative works from a variety of materials – wood, bronze, marble – freely from his imagination, making the viewer aware of the artist’s careful process.