Historic Old Town

A medieval heart

Hallein holds a real treasure: the town on the Salzach River has one of the most unspoiled old town centers in Austria. When you stroll through the small, winding streets and across the Mediterranean squares, you will experience the magic of a town whose historic center dates back to the Middle Ages.

The geographical conditions – the Salzach on one side and the Dürrnberg on the other – gave Hallein’s growth a natural limit. Thus, the town’s development was already completed in the 15th century. Whether Schöndorferplatz, Bayrhamerplatz, Kornsteinplatz or Bruckhäuserplatz – the historic old town of Hallein has its very own charm. Stroll through the old town, take a break at the picturesque Kastenbrunnen fountains. And listen to the heartbeat of the medieval old town.