Hofbräu Kaltenhausen

The oldest brewery in the province of Salzburg

Hofbräu Kaltenhausen has been brewing beer since 1475. This makes the brewery near Hallein the oldest in the province of Salzburg. Today, tradition meets innovation here, as the many in-house specialty beers and creative beers impressively prove. Produced in true manual labor behind the revitalized walls, you can taste the quality with every sip.

On various brewery tours, you can delve deep into the history of beer. During beer tastings, beer lovers experience the variety of tastes of different beer styles. In the Bindery Museum, you can learn, among other things, what Hoanzlbank, guild plates or tire bending machines are used for. And when the annual Kaltenhausen Gstanzlsingen comes around, things are guaranteed to heat up. By the way, the brewery also has a Bräustübl, where down-to-earth pub dishes are served.