Salzachöfen Golling


A pinch of romance and adrenaline

Only a few steps away from Pass Lueg is a wildly romantic natural monument: the Salzachöfen. The imposing breakthrough between the Tennen and Hagen mountains goes 80 metres into the depths. At the highlight of the gorge, the “Dom”, the steep rock walls seem to close completely. But that is not the only attraction. Adrenalin fans also get their money’s worth.

In addition to the Salzalpensteig trail, on which you can hike through the gorge, the Salzachöfen adventure gorge offers one thing above all: the power of nature. Let yourself be drawn into its maelstrom and enchanted by the unbridled power of the water. Or get to know the mystical gorge on a guided tour. If that’s not enough action for you, you can whiz through the gorge on the Flying Fox