Ayurveda in the forest garden Hallein

Holistic, Far Eastern relaxation

In the center of the beautiful old town of Hallein lies the Forsthaus with its Ayurveda Center. A wonderful place of tranquility for all who are looking for a little time out from everyday life. Here you can let your soul dangle and finally put yourself in the center.

The Forsthaus offers a variety of Far Eastern courses, workshops and massages. Qigong courses and yoga classes help to relax the body and awaken new life energies. Ayurvedic massages are of course also on the program at the Forsthaus, such as “Mukhabhyanga”, a soothing face and head massage. Parents watch out: Especially for particularly active, nervous and anxious children, there are special Ayurvedic massages that have a calming effect. And for cooking fans, Ayurvedic cooking courses are also offered at the Forsthaus from time to time.