Optimamed Spa St. Josef

Spa house with a long history

St. Joseph’s Spa has an eventful past. As early as 1954, nuns opened it as a private spa. Since 2017, OptimaMed Gesundheitsresort St. Josef has been part of the Austrian SeneCura Group, which owns around 70 homes throughout Austria. But even today, the spa hotel still has its own consecrated place of worship, which is affiliated with the diocese. All this makes the hotel a very special place of strength.

Situated at an altitude of around 800 meters above sea level, the spa hotel receives numerous guests every year, all of whom are looking for peace and relaxation. All kinds of diseases are treated: Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, metabolic diseases, skin diseases and respiratory diseases. The local recreation area of Bad Dürrnberg and the brine swimming pool, which was completely modernized in 2015 – the oldest of its kind in all of Austria – are two other factors that make the Kurhotel St. Josef so popular. By the way, the swimming pool is open to the public, so locals can also go swimming there.