Via Hühnerleiten to the Barmsteins

Pure nature and two rock towers

The slogan of the small, medieval town on the border with Bavaria hits the nail on the head in this case. On this cross-border panoramic hike via the Thürndl ruins to the Kleiner Barmstein, we cross state borders more than once.

On the tour you will pass lush mountain meadows and enjoy a dizzying view of the Austrian and Bavarian mountains. Once you reach the Kleiner Barmstein, the houses of the town of Hallein reflect the sunlight at your feet and the Salzach River makes its way into the city of Salzburg. There, on nice days, you can even see Hohensalzburg Castle. Speaking of the castle, the ruins of Thürndl are a real highlight on the way up, and not just for fans of the Middle Ages.