Taugl lifeline theme trail


Wild water in the middle of gentle nature

Bad Vigaun and Kuchl have one thing in common above all: fabulously beautiful nature. Just like the Tauglgries with its wild and romantic river, the Taugl. As part of Natura 2000, the area is one of Europe’s habitats particularly worthy of protection. Exciting insights into the fascinating ecosystem and magnificent views await you on the Taugl lifeline theme trail.

Numerous information stations, a wild river platform and a viewing point with telescope put the focus on flora and fauna. A nature experience playground brings the subject of the Taugl closer to children. And what would water be without splashing around? If the Taugl is too cold for bathing, you can at least dip your toes in the crystal-clear river, enjoy its rushing sound and briefly escape from everyday life.