(Snowshoe-) Hike on the Wallbrunn Circular Trail

Through crackling snow and winter air

The snowshoe hike along the Wallbrunnweg is as easy as it is scenic. Trudging through the snow step by step in the clear winter air is simply unique. While you expend energy, you refuel fresh at the same time: snowshoeing is the perfect mix of energizing and relaxing.

The hike starts at the pilgrimage church in Bad Dürrnberg. Always following the signs Wallbrunn-Rundwanderweg, it then goes cross-country to a sun-drenched winter forest. Later you trudge past idyllically situated farmhouses and also a magnificent view of the Hohe Göll opens up. About halfway you can stop at the Hotel Kranzbichlhof. After a well-deserved break, it’s back to Bad Dürrnberg.