Educational institutions

Fashion school Hallein

Competence Centre for Fashion, Creativity, Design & Styling

The College of Fashion is Hallein’s centre of excellence for fashion, creativity, design and styling. In addition to the two 5-year courses leading to the Matura – the branches of fashion as well as hair styling, make-up and make-up artistry – it is also possible to complete the part-time “Fashion Design” course in six semesters.

The 5-year Higher School of Fashion with the school-autonomous specialisations “Fashion Design and Graphics” and “Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising” is a centre of attraction for fashion enthusiasts far beyond the borders of Hallein. Since the 2018/19 school year, there has also been an “international fashion class” for the best possible career prospects, which focuses specifically on extensive language skills. In all forms of education, students graduate with a school-leaving certificate and diploma as well as a completed vocational training.