City parish church

Gruber organ and Silent Night

The Roman Catholic parish church is located in the old town of Hallein, in the Silent Night district. It was first mentioned in a document in 1193 and is now a listed building. The full name of the church is Stadtpfarrkirche zu den St. Antonius Er. und Hieronymus. The town parish church was the place of work of Franz Xaver Gruber, the composer of Silent Night! Holy Night!

The Gruber organ named after him was renovated in 2018 and can be seen in the church. Gruber performed his composition on it and also composed many other songs and masses. In the Hallein Silent Night Museum, which is located opposite the church, you can listen to these compositions, among others. The Silent Night district of Hallein invites you to linger. The narrow streets, small and larger squares invite you to go in search of traces of Hallein’s past.