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The 9 districts of Hallein

Between Zinkenkogel and Barmsteine on one side and the Wiestal on the other, the 9 districts of Hallein stretch along the Salzach: Hallein-Innenstadt, Bad Dürrnberg, Taxach, Au, Gamp, Neualm, Gries, Burgfried and Adneter Riedl.

Hallein’s town centre is pulsating with life. In addition to the medieval town centre, you will also find the Celtic Museum, the Silent Night Museum, the Pernerinsel and the entire lifeline of the town with a wide range of cultural, shopping and refreshment options.

Bad Dürrnberg towers high above the city centre. With the Salt Worlds, the summer toboggan run and the Zinken lifts, there’s plenty of leisure fun to be had here – the Emco private clinic is also located in this beautiful recreational area.

On the west bank of the Salzach River, from north to south, are the districts: Taxach, Au and Gamp: Taxach is home to the ruins of Gutrat Castle and Gartenau Castle. The Barmsteine watch over the district of Au and the Rehhofsiedlung, and below them is the Hofbräu Kaltenhausen. In the southern part of Hallein is Gamp, where several industrial companies have settled.

Neualm, Gries, Burgfried and Adneter Riedl mark the eastern bank of the Salzach. Where chemical companies once operated on the riverbed, Neualm is now home to several commercial enterprises, and also the open-air swimming pool Schlossbad Wiespach. The district of Gries has many shopping facilities along the Europastraße, while Burgfried is home to the municipal hospital and many businesses. Adneter Riedel is a little quieter, the hillside location and the beautiful view make this district a popular residential area outside the city centre.