Recreational facilities

Youth Centre Zone 11

Youth Culture in the Old Saltworks

Shared leisure activities for young adults are the order of the day in Zone 11. Here, young people take part in creative workshops, organise parties and concerts or spend their free time with like-minded people in casual meeting zones.

The youth centre Zone 11 consists of 3 areas. There is the classic youth centre on the Pernerinsel with the MUKUZO, the multicultural zone for chatting and playing. On the first floor of the building is the ZONE-Beisl, a small concert venue for up to 90 people. It is equipped with modern facilities for cool gigs. CHILL OUT Rif, located at the skate park near the sports centre, offers something similar. Cool workshops and courses are held regularly at both locations. Being active together, living creativity, trying things out and meeting friends – the Zone 11 youth centre offers all this and more.