Sportheim AustroCel

Skittles fun and good food

The AustroCel sports centre on Rein-Henriksenplatz in Hallein is known for its home-style Austrian cuisine. And the three fully automatic bowling alleys promise lots of bowling fun! This makes the Sportheim the ideal place for a successful evening with colleagues, friends or the whole family.

The main courses range from cordon bleu and spinach dumplings to venison ragout with spaetzle and red cabbage. But pizza, Wiener schnitzel and various sausages are also on the menu. For dessert, you are also spoilt for choice. For example, there are delicious ice cream pancakes, curd cheese lasagne on stewed plums and hot love with whipped cream. Watch out: Every autumn there are game weeks – a highlight for all fans of game dishes that you should mark in your calendar.