Weekly markets

Local Farmer Market, „Grünmarkt“ Hallein

Colourful market hustle and bustle in the centre

You should experience the lively market hustle and bustle at the green market in the middle of the historic old town when you visit Hallein. At the weekly green market on the central Kornsteinplatz, farmers from the region offer their specialities for sale every Saturday from 6.30 am to 12 noon. Here you can feel the heart of the salt and Celtic town beating!

The product range is large and varied – from meat and cheese to vegetables and fruit to bread and pastries. The high quality and great variety of the goods on offer ensure that there is always a lot going on at this time in the traditional square in the heart of Hallein. There is shouting and bargaining, gossip and laughter. You should definitely plan a visit to the market during your visit to Hallein!