Edelbrennerei Guglhof / Guglhof Distillery

Passion for spirits

The art of fine distillation has been handed down at the “Guglhof” since 1928. You can feel this on site, the setting for which was created with the stylishly renovated estate. The products of this noble distillery have long been established in top gastronomy and among experts far beyond the country’s borders. In addition to the multiple Falstaff award for “Distillery of the Year”, the Guglhof was also named Salzburg’s best gourmet shop in 2020.

Such top quality is closely linked to the appreciation of nature. Only selected ripened fruits of old fruit varieties are processed and fermented in an aroma-preserving and temperature-controlled manner. According to time-honoured tradition, double distillation is carried out in small copper stills. In addition to the brandies, an exquisite 10-year-old single malt whisky called TauernROGG is produced in a limited edition. New to the portfolio, in addition to the GIN Alpin, is a “SLOE GIN Alpin” refined with sloe juice, as well as the SAFRAN GIN, which is produced exclusively in limited bottle numbers. The Guglhof Premium Vermouth, on the other hand, combines the Wachau wine from the Grüner Veltliner grape variety with the speciality of Alpine Vermouth and a select extract of 13 botanicals.