Glacier Cut St. Koloman

© TVB St. Koloman

Monument from the Ice Age

About 22,000 years ago, a mighty glacier covered the Salzach Valley. At that time, a 700-metre-thick ice sheet lay over what is now the St. Koloman glacier snout – it is considered the largest ever exposed in Europe. In St. Koloman you will learn everything about this natural phenomenon and the 150 million year old limestone that can be admired there.

Learn, for example, how the glacial polish was polished by the movement of the ice masses over the bedrock by a kind of “grinding paste mixture”. Also interesting is the formation of the mountains in the area and what the Salzach glacier has to do with it. And did you know that at that time the glaciers almost reached as far as Munich? As you can see, you can still learn a lot in St. Koloman.