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  • Braumeister Gnther Seeleitner und Brauer Helmut Seywald

The Culture of Beer

bierige Runde in KaltenhausenHofbräu Kaltenhausen is actually the oldest brewery in SalzburgerLand. "Blond gold" has been produced and poured within these walls since the year 1475. Today, it isn't just the old standards that are brewed here; they also develop innovative specialty and seasonal beers. During a guided tour, visitors follow every step of the brewing process. And at the brewery's own inn, you have the immediate opportunity to sample the beverages from freshly brewed hops for yourself, served to you along with a selection of delectable snacks.


Gastgarten und Innenhof im Braugasthof KaltenhausenGuided Tours

"Classic Tour"

Learn more about the history of beer brewing, the brewing process and the culture surrounding beer. The tour winds up at the Braugasthof, where you will be able to enjoy beer and pretzels!

"Women & Beer"

Beer isn't purely the domain of men, of course. In fact, back in Ancient Egypt, beer brewing was firmly in the hands of women. This special tour offers information about the feminine side of beer.

Beer seminar with the certified beer sommelier & beer brewer of Hofbräu Kaltenhausen

Visit a guided tour at the Hofbräu Kaltenhausen!