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The association known as "Kunstgemeinschaft FreiRäume" was founded in 2002 by artists from the greater Hallein area with the idea of reinvigorating the historical quarter of Hallein, an initiative that was supported by various friends and sponsors, especially the Borough of Hallein itself.

For the first time in 2011, the design of the building facade became the focus of attention and, under the title "Frame:Less", was adorned with empty picture frames. This was followed in 2012 by a facade project entitled "Free as a Bird", created by handciapped children, kindergartners and elementary school pupils using painted ribbons and objects depicting flowers and butterflies. In winter 2012/13, "Night:Light" saw the 9 windows of the upper floor covered with pictures of artists, illuminated from behind after dark. In 2013, now as the "Town:Garden", the facade was adorned with greenery, and installed on it an apparently dancing figure woven from vines (extending over all 3 upper floors) and holding a bouquet of sunflowers; and with the approval of the town council, a garden with raised beds was built in front of the building with seating. By means of this design of the building facade and area out front, "Kunstgemeinschaft FreiRäume" was able to create a green island near the north entrance to Hallein's Old City, while at the same time making a place where people could linger for a while next to the road.
A priority of Kunstgemeinschaft FreiRäume is to provide a space to young and unknown artists - without questions of membership and without limiting or restricting the nature of the artistic work - in which they can show their work publicly. The entire first floor of the house located at No. 2 Bürgersitalplatz, with its atmospheric rooms, is available to those interested in presenting their exhibitions. The ground floor is a place of communication including a bar, also housing a permanent exhibition of works by members, with the content changing regularly.

For art fans and creative spirits, there is an opportunity to establish contacts on Friday from 4 - 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. (except for public holidays), as well as the chance to view the current exhibition (the gallery is closed from Christmas until the end of March). One studio is also available for the hosting of workshops. The society is also striving to promote projects that involve people and groups from outside their organization (incl. schools, youth clubs, etc.), and to do so outside their own spaces. One such project is "Town:Dwarfs", which was presented to the Hallein public in September.