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Maria Dürrnberg Pilgrimage Church

In addition to Hallein Parish Church, Maria Dürrnberg pilgrimage church is always well worth a visit. This early-baroque church, built with an Italian-style nave typical of the era, features use of red marble quarried very close by, and was constructed between 1596 and 1614.

The building project began under Archbishop Wolf Dietrich and was finally concluded under Archbishop Markus Sittikus. A chapel existed here as far back as the 14th century. Located on the Hallersbühel, it was first chronicled in the year 1347, with the first pilgrimages in veneration of the Virgin Mary already getting underway at about the same time. A marble entranceway was built under Markus Sittikus.

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Pilgrimages on the Dürrnberg

So-called "Miracle Books" had existed since 1613, with the focus of pilgrims' attention at this time directed primarily at the Tennengau and Flachgau. This pilgrimage site marked its most significant celebration on the 20th anniversary of the church's consecration. After heavy structural damage caused by landslides, Maria Dürrnberg pilgrimage church ultimately underwent a full renovation, reopening in 2006 with a special ceremony.