Tangible places of natural power

Across the length and breadth of SalzburgerLand, you will find unique locations that imbue you with astonishing energy and strength. In the midst of the magical nature on the Dürrnberg, four such places are within easy hiking distance.


Hikeable places of power on the Dürrnberg

Lithopuncture rock in the Kurpark of Kurhaus St. Josef
Crossing the jagged edges of the chiseled-out star on this rock, lines of energy are concentrated on this focal point and then, simultaneously, like the beat of a pulse, emanate back out in the direction they originally came from. This place of in-and exhalation creates a very strong energy flow - reenergizing and harmonizing, with amazing benefits for those dealing with various states of depression.
The precise distance from the stone is important. People with more delicate basic energies should keep a greater distance. A Point of healing.
SalzquelleSalt Springs in the Kurpark of Kurhaus St. Josef

Salt is the very heart of the Dürrnberg. This old site is also a very special one. Salt is vital for life and is also cleansing. Here, as a form of meditative treatment, we recommend cleansing yourself of the old, bidding it farewell, and at the same time visualizing new life. Encounter this place with dignity and respect. Its energies are connected with a site of worship once used by the ancient Celts. If you have a sense for things like this, you will recognize this old spring immediately.


BirkenhainBirch Grove in Kurpark Moserstein

In the midst of this wonderfully diverse and thoughtfully designed park, close to the site where the ancient grave of a Celtic prince was unearthed, you will discover a grove of birch trees. The birch is a tree of new beginnings, of creation and also the Celtic mother goddess. If you step into the inner circle of the trees on this site, you will experience a pleasantly altered state of consciousness. Harmonizing and balancing, it is possible to establish communication with the power of this place.


Linde  KultsteinMighty linden and a sacred stone 
You will find this place of power along the upper "Knappenweg" path on the Bavarian side. Linden trees were planted along the Bavarian-Austria border. Some of them are still wonderfully healthy and sturdy. Surrounded by a small grove, this place radiates a special sense of peace. For a border, especially, quite extraordinary and exemplary. Located beneath the first linden at the start of the meadow is an old sacred stone. It is rewarding to rest on it and allow the timelessness of this place to affect you. Especially in the morning and evening at twilight.