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Healthy breathing at this saltwater spa

The healing power of salt has made Bad Dürrnberg into a well-known spa community. The Gradierwerk, an open-air inhalation center, was built in the Kurpark Bad Dürrnberg, which is open to the general public.

Just a few steps from Kurhotel St. Josef and the parish church of Maria Dürrnberg, you will find the Gradierwerk, a traditional salt-extraction facility. Strengthen your immune system with every breath you take, all the while enjoying the soothing effects of the saltwater. Since its renovation in 2013, the benefits of the nebulized saltwater produced by the Gradierwerk are even better than before. The Gradierwerk is available for the public to use at no cost from May until October.

Saltwater as a form of therapy

The layered hawthorn branches, which are sprinkled with saltwater, create a climate that promotes better breathing and improves overall health - similar to the climate found on the sea coast. As you breathe in the saltwater, blood flow to your respiratory passages improves. So, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to do something good for yourself during your vacation, and be sure to take a walk down to the Gradierwerk every day.

TIP - "Rock in the Park"

In the summer months, from June to September, the Bad Dürrnberg Mine Band holds regular concerts in the Kurpark. For details, please check out our Events Calendar.

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