Shopping Experiences

  • Eis essen in der Halleiner Altstadt
  • Moonlight Shopping in der Halleiner Altstadt
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Shopping, relaxation & enjoyment south of Salzburg

Hallein's historical quarter, the entire ensemble of which is a listed monument, invites you to set out on a memorable shopping expedition surrounded by some truly impressive medieval architecture. Indulge yourself in some window shopping in the Old Town, where businesses feature the very latest fashion trends along with traditional craftsmanship, folkwear and select products. In the older and more modern sections of Hallein, personal customer service is a matter of course. Highlights are definitely those small, lovingly owner-run shops - in which you will find beautiful decorative items, out-of-the-ordinary men's and women's fashions, special children's clothing as well as arts & crafts with deep local roots.



Moonlight shopping & more

In the summer months, in addition to many other special events, Hallein also holds its always-popular "moonlight shopping" - when our shopping hours are just like in Bella Italia. Until 10 in the evening, you will be able to stroll and shop in the Old Town, accompanied by live outdoor music and a rich program of side events.

Dates 2017:

  • May 12
  • June 9
  • July 14
  • August 11
  • September 15

Farmers' Market in the Old Town

You will find local and regional products at the organic farmers' market on Griesplatz square, as well as at the Grünmarkt on the Kornsteinplatz.

Organic farmers' market on the Griesplatz
every Friday from 2 - 4:30 p.m. 

Grünmarkt on the Kornsteinplatz (from 13/7/2015 the Grünmarkt will change close to the Celtic Museum due to an building site!)
every Saturday from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.