Town Parish Church Hallein

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  • Stadtpfarrkirche Hallein

Church District in Hallein

The crowning glory of a walking tour through the historical quarter of Hallein brings you to the "Church District". This is dominated by Hallein parish church, which is consecrated to Saints Anthony and Hieronymus. The Romanesque church tower, which was destroyed in 1945, was replaced by a modern one 20 years later. Whilst the original town parish church only had wooden altars, visitors can now marvel at nine magnificent altars made of marble.

Built right off the Dechant Hof is late-Gothic St. Peter's Chapel, still in use today for christenings. St. Barbara's Chapel, a baroque chapel for the dead with beautiful rococo ironwork built in 1777, serves today as a memorial for the war dead.

Stille Nacht Museum Hallein
"Silent Night! Holy Night!"

Directly across from the town parish church is today's Silent Night Museum. In the house where Franz Xaxer Gruber used to live, you have an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the world's most famous Christmas song. Franz Xaver Gruber, former parish choirmaster, teacher and the composer of "Silent Night!", is actually buried in front of the Silent Night Museum.


Historischer Altstadtrundgang

Free guided tours through the historical quarter of Hallein 

Take advantage of the opportunity to borrow one of our free tour guides. As we said, there is no charge, you simply need to stop by our office during regular opening times. After a brief intro and a few sightseeing tips, you can set out on your own personal guided tour of the town.