Bus & Train for 4 Euro

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  • Unterwegs mit dem Tennengau-Ticket

Bus and train through Tennengau for just 4 Euro

Discover the Tennengau with the 4-Euro Ticket, both by bus and train. Take full advantage of the Tennengau Ticket and visit all of the excursion destinations in Tennengau as well as Salzburg City - it's convenient and inexpensive. With the Tennengau Ticket, you don't just protect the environment, you are also kind on your wallet. Sitting in a bus or train, you are able to enjoy a relaxing ride to your chosen attractions - with mountain vistas part of the package deal!


Tennengau Ticket

How does it work?

All guests with a valid Tennengau Guest Card, SalzburgerLand Card or Salzburg Card are entitled to purchase a Tennengau Ticket from ÖBB ticket machines or directly from post-bus drivers for just 4 Euro (children 2 Euro) per ride. The Tennengau Ticket is valid on all lines served by ÖBB post-buses in Tennengau, all the way to Salzburg City, the Gosausee and Eben. You can even use your Tennengau Ticket on the S-Bahn line  Salzburg Taxham Europark – Golling Abtenau.
Important: Please only use the ticket for a direct trip to your desired destinations!


Information about the individual lines and bus timetables is available at our office as well as online through ÖBB